Hope Valley Beer and Cider Festival, Day 3

Another sunny day in the Peak District. After a long walk around the top of Combs Moss, it was only a short walk to the pub, although Mrs MOFAD couldn’t face another couple of miles, so this was a solo visit. First up was Journeys #1: Saison from the Intrepid Brewing Company. Saison is a style that you may not have come across before. It originated in Belgium, where Saisons would be brewed on farms in the cooler months and then served up to the seasonal farm workers in the warmer months. This one looked like this:- IMG_2752 A classic yeasty saison which would work well over the festive period. Next time they will probably add more hops, which is never a bad thing in my book 🙂 Next up was the Stancill Brewery American Pale Ale, which was pleasant enough but needs loads more hops. You’ll see those words a lot round these parts 🙂 And finally, because Mrs MOFAD didn’t want to miss out, I carried a half of Symonds Founders Reserve back from the pub for her to enjoy with tonight’s home made burritos. This was nicer than the last time we had it at the Blacksmith’s Arms.

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