Beer of the month, March 2015

This month is an emotional choice, because it has been an emotional month, perhaps the most emotional month. My dad passed away towards the start of the month, so beer was one of the furthest things from my mind. However, just a week later it was Mrs MOFAD’s 40th birthday, so we took a short break from events to return to our home and celebrate as best as we could. The support of family and friends were the key to March. Part of this involved a trip to town for a “day before the birthday” Thai meal with friends. Afterwards the two of us retired to the pub (The Swan in the Rushes, a long time MOFAD favourite which appears on the map) for a quiet pint and some quiet contemplation.

This pint just happened to be the possibly aptly named Salvation, by the recently opened Charnwood Brewery (our newest and now most local brewery). A nice, hoppy golden ale, and just the thing that I was looking for. We raised a quiet toast to a departed Dad.


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