St Joseph’s Tearoom, Whitwick

After a lovely sunny walk around the Charnwood Letterbox trail, there was time for a cream tea. There should always be time for a cream tea, but so often you arrive somewhere after a walk to find them closed. This is known as the Linda Smith law of tea rooms, as this is something she famously bemoaned. Who would want tea and cake at 5pm? Oh, just about everyone.

Anyway, no such problems today, as we arrived in plenty of time for a cream tea, and there was plenty available.


There is often much debate about the correct order of jam and cream on your fruit scone. The illustrated order (jam first, then cream) is the correct order. Sorry Devonians, you are just wrong.

This was a very nice cream tea, good home-made scones and good jam. And the retro tea sets just make the whole thing perfect.

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