Beer of the month, February 2015

A quieter month for beer, but I was working my way through a few Xmas bottles at home, and we had a couple of trips out including a night checking out the “new” Blacksmith’s Arms and The Organ Grinder in town. My friend Dan also brought back a few good beers from the Watermill Inn and Brewing Company, which almost took the top spot.

We went out for lunch with Mrs MOFAD’s sister, who is the preferred supplier of Xmas hampers to the ministry. And it was during this nice Sunday lunch at Millers Hotel in Sibson that our winner was sampled.

February 2015’s winner is an import, from the Goose Island brewery in Chicago (a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev), although it is rather predictable for a hophead like me. Goose Island IPA “recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their distinct taste during the long journey.” Apparently, the result is “a hop lover’s dream with a fruity aroma, set off by a dry malt middle, and long hop finish.” As marketing bumph goes, it’s pretty spot on. It’s not really pale enough for my liking (I have a thing about pale ales that aren’t pale enough) but it does have nice levels of hoppiness. And as we all know, hoppiness=happiness.


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