Slug and Lettuce, Leicester

Another night out at the Leicester comedy festival, and another chance to eat out in Leicester. Tonight we watched Mitch Benn at the newly refurbished Hansom Hall, a former baptist chapel which is pretty impressive inside. And now it’s much easier to access too, thanks to a new entrance on Belvoir Street.

But on to dinner. After last weekend’s thoroughly disappointing experience at Walkabout, we opted for another chain, The Slug and Lettuce. You’ve probably got one near you somewhere. The Leicester one was refurbished in 2014 (a bit of a theme for the city!) and has a good retro/modern theme to it.

The menu is pretty extensive, with healthy options under 500 calories, burgers, pasta, risotto, steak, ribs and pub classics like sausage and mash and pies. Drinks wise, there’s an extensive range of cocktails and a few mocktails thrown in for good measure. They also allegedly have a few cask ales on, but as it was table service and our server wasn’t particularly knowledgeable in this area, we passed on those.

On to dinner. After being let down last week (so many things were not available at Walkabout) I went for an Aussie classic, the stuffed chicken schnitzel, variously known as a “schnitty” or a “chicken parma”. For those not in the know (this caused confusion on Facebook which is why I’m explaining it) this is a breadcrumbed chicken breast, stuffed with Parma ham and a herb cream sauce, topped with grana padano shavings and a tomato & garlic sauce.

In the S&L it is served with chips and baby watercress, however, I’ve now realised that mine didn’t come with the watercress! I thought there was something missing. But it was still very nice. Simple and tasty pub grub.


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