Millers Hotel, Sibson, February 2015

After a delayed start to the day (new curtain pole fell down due to trusting the supplied rawl plugs instead of using some from my stash), it was time for a relaxing Sunday lunch out. Today’s venue was recommend by Jo, and what an excellent recommendation.

The Miller’s Hotel in Sibson is part of the Old English Inns chain, so chances are that you might have been to one of them. We certainly have, I can think of Fromebridge Mill and the Queen’s Head in Burley at least.

As it was a Sunday and lunchtime, it had to be the classic Sunday roast. A good choice of beef, lamb shank, pork belly, turkey and vegetarian. I opted for turkey as it’s always nice to have some on a day other than Christmas Day. This was standard pub roast stuff, and perfectly pleasant. You can order extra potatoes, Yorkshires or pigs in blankets if you like, but the portions are perfectly adequate. This was accompanied by a couple of bottles of Goose Nest IPA, which was a very nice discovery. I’m a total hophead, and am always in search of IPA as it’s my favourite beer style. I’m also very critical of most, as they are usually neither pale enough or hoppy enough. This one could do with being a little paler, but good hoppiness.


And now we come to dessert. The MOFAD is of the (correct) opinion that a chocolate based pudding is always the best choice. And whilst there were other good looking choices (sticky toffee pudding, apple pie), there was just no way that it could be anything other than triple chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.


And yes, it was as awesome as it looked. Chocolate wins again. A chocolatey choc fest. Nom! Definitely recommended.