Walkabout, Leicester

Another Saturday night in February, another night at the Leicester comedy festival. Tonight it was the always excellent Lucy Porter, who is currently touring her 10th show “Me Time”. The show was great, with the added bonus of a bit of a pub quiz during it. And I won these Maltesers:-


for identifying the intro to “Can I Kick It?” by a Tribe Called Quest (which features in the show). 90s music knowledge pays off once more! Anyway, back to the food and drink bit.

As it was Valentine’s night, we opted for a simple pub type meal somewhere, as most other places were booked up weeks ago. After wandering around a bit (lots of pubs showing the 6 Nations which is not really conducive for a meal and a chat) we ended up at the Walkabout. For those not in the know, these are Australian “theme pubs” which are usually pretty reliable.

Not tonight. There was one person behind the bar. They were rushed off their feet and a bit stressed (but perfectly pleasant). I ordered the chicken parmigiano (Aussie classic which I had several times on our Down Under trip last year). They are also now stocking a reasonable range of bottled Aussie beers and ciders to accompany the usual Foster’s garbage (I’ve been to Australia 4 times and never seen anyone drink the stuff there). So I ordered a Fat Yak and a Pipsqueak cider, only to be told they didn’t have any of either. In fact they didn’t really have anything interesting to drink so I went for a soft option.

And then 5 minutes later someone comes out to explain that there are no chicken parmas left, please choose again. And then they realise that they need to get me a menu in order to assist in this endeavour. So I opted for the pulled pork burger (what else is the inventor of triple pork nirvana going to do?)


This was actually really nice, well flavoured pork, served with some substantial salad leaves, pomegranate seeds and a nice salsa. And even a slice of melon to finish off with. It’s just a shame that the whole experience was so poor.

Won’t be going back.