Beer of the month, January 2015

January is usually a good month for beer sampling. I’m usually lucky enough to get a nice selection of different beers for Xmas (you get what you give, after all), and the first few days are usually spent in Cumbrian pubs as we see in the New Year with a few more walks before returning to work.

The winner for January 2015 turns out to be one of those Xmas present beers though, one of a selection of bottles from the Flipside Brewery, a small brewery in Colwick, just outside Nottingham. The Russian Imperial Stout is the one I have picked. It has won the Midlands Region SIBA competition for cask Premium Strong beers for two years running and early in 2014 it won a National Bronze award in that category. It also won a Gold Award for the SIBA Midlands Region in the Bottled Porters, Milds, Old Ales and Stouts category, followed by a Bronze medal over all bottled categories. It is a cracking beer, with hints of chocolate and coffee and roasty and malty flavours. Very tasty and a worthy beer of the month.



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