Jintana Thai Restaurant, Ambleside

New Year’s Eve has a few simple traditions for us. One of those is a takeaway. This started back in about 2001 and has continued pretty much every year since. For most years, this has involved a Chinese takeaway from Jade Garden, but after a few uninspiring efforts, and even finding it closed one year, we have switched allegiance to Thailand.

Perhaps surprisingly for such a small village, Ambleside has two Thai restaurants, but one (Doi Intanon) is often closed over the festive period. Despite visiting Ambleside countless times, we’ve never visited Doi.

However, we have now had a few good meals from Jintana, so it is our Thai of choice for New Year’s Eve. I have become very predictable at Thai restaurants. I almost always go for the predictable starter of chicken satay with peanut chilli sauce and a mussaman curry, usually beef. Tonight, slightly different, the chicken version:-


The mussaman is probably one of the most consistent curries across different venues, with meat, potato, carrot, onion and peanuts almost always present. Jintana’s mussaman is a good one. The accompanying Scarborough Fair IPA was a distinct let down. I like a big hoppy IPA to go with my curry. I also tried a Broughton Ales Merlin’s Ale, “a pale, mystical hoppy brew”. The mystery is where the hops were, because they seemed to have been magically removed from this beer. Approval for Jintana, NMH (needs more hops) for both beers…

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