2014 – a year in beer

2014 was the year I began using Untappd, a web site and app that allows you to keep track of the beers and ciders you have been drinking.

I have tasted exactly 450 different beers and ciders from 16 different countries this year. With over 250 from the UK. It’s been a year for sampling lots of different beers, from the Ludlow ale trail back in September, the brilliant Thornbridge beer festival in July (far too many to list), as well as a couple of excellent tasting sessions during the 40th birthday Oz Odyssey, including the excellent 4 Pines Brewery in Manly and the beers at Ekhidna McLaren Vale.

Other highlights were Black Ops Imperial Stout by Salopian Brewery as well as their Automaton IPA. Another top IPA (my favourite style) was Upheaval IPA by Widmer Brothers, Star of Eastbourne from Harvey’s was also full of hoppy goodness, their Armada Ale was another hoppy winner as was the subtle smokiness of Bonfire Boy. More hops were to be found in 13 Guns from Thwaites and Weird Beard’s “Holy Hoppin’ Hell Part 4”. Prancing Pony Pale Ale was another down under discovery, as was Bridge Road’s Bling Bling IPA and Feral Brewing’s Hop Hog.

Several good Springhead beers were sampled when we camped nearby to the brewery and visited the brewery tap for a couple of meals. So many more that I could write about, but lots more to be getting on with.

2014 was a special year in beer, what will 2015 hold?


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