Beer of the month, October 2014

Another busy beer month. A week in the New Forest gives plenty of opportunities for sampling a new beer or two. This month’s runners up include Wild River from Fuller’s, a good American Pale Ale:-


Tiny Rebel Dirty Stop Out (Smoky. Oaty. Malty. Hint of hoppiness.):-


Hop Daemon’s Green Daemon (a good hoppy Helles):-


Wadworth Old Timer was a malty, strong Old Ale:-


Real Ale Brewing Devil’s Backbone and Backyard Brewhouse’s “Hellbound” were two other favourites this month.

The winner was Paulaner Salvator, a bottom-fermented Doppelbock, brewed with hops and a dark barley malt. Apparently Paulaner monks used to use this as a food substitute during Lent. If that’s true, bring on Lent!¬†Caramel. Malt. Caramel. Malt. Repeat ad infinitum. Another good Xmas ale, which I drunk far too early.


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