Beer of the month, September 2014

Another busy beer month, including another trip to the Ludlow Food Festival, which includes the ale trail, which offers the opportunity to walk around the town sampling beers in most of the pubs. It’s a hard life. Boiling Well from Ludlow Brewery:-


Darwin’s Origin from Salopian Brewery, Wye Valley HPA:-


and Ruby Marches from Three Tuns Brewery:-


were some of the highlights of this year’s ale trail.

In any other month, I suspect the Duvel Tripel Hop – Mosaic (2014) would have been a winner, as I am a total hop head. Oakham’s Summarillo amd Scarlet Macaw were both good ales too.

This month’s winner was pretty clear though. For the last weekend of the month we were camping just down the road from The Bees Knees, which just happens to be the brewery tap for Nottinghamshire’s Springhead brewery. Lots of great beers here, but the clear winner was the Ginger Pig stout, creamy and very easy drinking.